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Visit Granville Island

 Welcome to Granville Island, the shopping district of Vancouver, Canada. If you are looking for a unique traveling experience, then this is the place to be at any time.

Introduction and History

It’s a place to get the touch of traditional setup thanks to its old renovated buildings. This is a home to over 300 hotels and businesses.

Call it a home of creative art. The artifacts and use of old-model architectural buildings prove the love of culture and traditional setup. The traces of old trains and tracks are a clear picture of the rural lifestyle away from the busy city life.

You can’t fail to notice a cultural event showcase of the streets complete with traditional attire in a month.

The Vancouver International festival is one of such kind. Whether you are a historian or a researcher, or just a mere tourist, you have unlimited options of what to do to enjoy to the fullest.

You can’t fail to notice or talk about some of the things after you visit the good food complete with all global cuisines, the busy nightlife, kid-related handcrafts, creative art skills, and rich culture that they adore in the digital era.

History of Granville Island

Granville Island came to the limelight because of the vast fishing grounds. It came from the city of Vancouver.

In 1886, it was renamed Granville Island, though initially, it was Granville street. It was a small creek the protruded towards the sea called False Creek.

Due to advanced fishing and god breeding grounds, it became the best fishing place and hence its growth due to demand for services and amenities, especially amenities. Initially, it was a planned Island with everything put in the right place.

Why you should visit Granville Island
Home of art and design

If you want to learn about creating art, then this is the Island to be. It has diverse talent and craft exhibitions which makes it an artistic town.

Home of cultural heritage

Since everyone settled in this area, each came with their culture now that there is no native. Therefore, everyone practiced what they know.

Home of breweries

If you are to sample wines and alcoholic drinks, then this is the place to be. Both modern and traditional brewery has their existence. The advanced cottage industry makes you enjoy wine tasting events as well as a tour of the vast Granville Island Brewing Company.

Fine dining experience

Do you want special treatment when having your dinner or lunch or breakfast? The high-end culinary skills practiced in the area depict what it entails to be treated as a VIP in a faraway country.

Fun for kids

There is a kids market in Granville Island; it's a place you enjoy as a family thanks to the Water Park, Indoor Adventure Zone, and a nice souvenir.


Places to visit while in Granville Island

  • Vancouver Theatre Sports
  • Public Market
  • Liberty Distillery
  • Winter Jazz Festival
  • Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  • Arts Club Theatre Company


Island Street

Island Public Market

Island Stores


Things you should do while in Granville Island

Some of the things you should do while in Granville Island include

Bread Affair

When you want to sample all manner of pastries, then the Bread affair where you get to use fresh ingredients from the local farmers.

It is the place to sample all manner of pastries and sandwiches.


When you want to have unique artifacts, you need to shop at the market where butchers, vendors, and farmers sell their wares. This also includes crafts and also enjoys the view of the picture effect.

Watching a show

This is where you get to enjoy live performances; you don’t have to spend a dime instead of watching a show on the cobblestone streets. This performance also includes playing with Indie art.

Boat riding

The English Bay is a spectacular spot where you can rent a boat and enjoy ocean exploration.

 You can also take a ride on the False Creek Ferry. This is when you can watch the whales and try kayaking- a memorable trip for an oceanic experience.

Attend festivals

This is a city of festivals that range from literature, music, food, and performance. You only need to have the itinerary and get to know what happens where and at what time.

You have a lot of things to do while in this region.