5 Must-Have Tools for Island Homes


There are specific tools that every homeowner should have. These tools are handy in the house because we never cease to need them. As a homeowner, you’ll need to do some fixing to properties from time to time. There are many repair services required for home upkeep that we can accomplish using some tools – small or heavy household tools. Nonetheless, you’ll need to conduct in-depth research on the tools you decide to go for eventually.

A Word to Note     

You can’t have every tool for household use, and we aren’t going to advise you to try to do so. But there are five essential tools every homeowner should have.

Not having them could often frustrate homeowners when they need to solve a little problem, and there isn’t the right tool. And then you end up borrowing or looking for a handyman to do the job, or even try the wrong machine that causes damage to your property or harms you in the process. The tools we’re going to discuss may not all fit in your toolbox, and you may have to keep them somewhere. But it’d be best if you had them.

1.  Impact Screwdriver

An impact screwdriver is a necessary tool that is among the most frequently used by homeowners in Greenville Island, which history shows as an excellent Island to own a home. It a means to drive a screw quickly into or out of materials.

There are different screwdriver designs, but the impact screwdriver is one of the best for several reasons. For starters, an Impact screwdriver is versatile, allowing you to drive or pull screws from different materials, including hard materials. On some hard stuff, it would be impossible if you were to use a standard screwdriver or at least much more complicated than using an Impact screwdriver.

The impact screwdriver works on different types of screws. It is also a highly efficient screwdriver due to a high torque level that results in excellent power output, which helps you drive screws faster. An Impact screwdriver’s hammering action offers an added advantage if you are undertaking a burdensome work or working with sturdy materials. You’ll find the task moving faster without disfiguring the shape of the screw head.

Using an Impact screwdriver also minimizes fatigue because you won’t need to exert much strength in controlling the machine or driving home the screw. The design of an Impact screwdriver is convenient for use with one hand, so the other is free, which helps if you want to work while holding your piece in a particular position.

Finally, it is vital to have a screwdriver even if it’s not an Impact screwdriver because from time to time, you’ll need to loosen or tighten a screw in furniture, machines, electronics, etc.

2.  The Adjustable Spanner

An adjustable spanner doesn’t work for all kinds of jobs, but it’s best suited for specific tasks. A toolbox without an adjustable wrench is incomplete. The adjustable spanner has a design with one of its two jaws set while the other moves to tighten against a nut or bolt. Car owners will always have a boatload of use for an adjustable spanner, and the same goes for homeowners.

Sometimes you want to loosen or tighten a bolt or nut only to discover that the surface has some wear such that no spanner can firmly hold. The higher torque of adjustable wrenches makes them better for dealing with worn nuts and bolts. Adjustable spanners also work for fixing some punctured tires.

3.  Socket Wrench Set

The set is essential for tightening and loosening smaller bolts and nuts. Furniture and electronics in our homes have bolts and nuts of all sizes holding their pieces together. Faults in electronics can sometimes rectify by opening and fixing a cut to the wire. And electronics don’t typically contain big nuts and bolts. You don’t always need the help of an electrician for every kind of job. Besides saving the cost of hiring a technician, household tools save you time and frustration.

4.  Locking Pliers

Sometimes the tools you have cannot loosen a particular nut or bolt. Using a locking spanner could solve problems like this. It’s not everything you can untie with a wrench, and sometimes even an adjustable spanner cannot fit in, like with objects too small for an adjustable spanner.

You can use an adjustable spanner to tighten screws whose ball heads are removed or mangled. But note that using a locking plier for driving screws can deform the thread when you over-tie it. Locking pliers work for holding objects firmly and pulling them out or pushing them into something. You can also use locking pliers for twisting and cutting wires.

The full range of tasks you can do with locking pliers depends on the design. A locking plier might work better to hold round objects like tubes and pipes, cutting metals, peeling wires, and a host of other tasks.

5.  Steel Hammer

Sometimes you might want to drive a nail into something, like a piece of wooden furniture at home. Or you might want to remove nails from some object. With a hammer, both tasks are a lot easier. However, it would help if you were careful when using a hammer as it can cause serious injury. There are different types of hammer suitable for various purposes. Be sure to research properly before buying one.


These five tools are a must-have for every house. Homeowners who don’t bother to buy instruments for home upkeep sometimes find themselves inconvenienced by little repair jobs you can do with a $5 simple machine. There are other simple machines for home use, many of which feature better designs increasingly.