Founder, Mission, Vision

Deborah W. Norton

The most reliable and practical information is from the horse’s mouth. Deborah W. Norton is a household name among people who have traveled far and wide within the globe.

She takes pride in many escapades, both in big cities and the remote villages of Africa. The drive to put up this blog was to educate the public on the dos and don’ts in traveling and demystify the myths around domestic and international tourism.

“I see any sites with false information about areas of the visit, yet I had personally been there not so many months ago,” Quotes Deborah.

This is what pushed her to start this blog for factual, reliable, and trustworthy information.


To become a leading site that explains all that happens within Granville Island to help you prepare for your trip in this vast district


To inform and educate the public about this small district full of day and nightlife and high-level cultural heritage.