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Luxury Dog Clothing For Different Occasions at Dog Boutiques

The concept of the pampered pet is hardly new. The Roman Emperor Caligula kept his horse Incitatus in a marble stable, giving it purple robes and its own slaves, while Lord Byron’s dog Boatswain was even made the subject of one of Byron’s poems. However, as the American pet care industry has grown to generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue in recent decades, wealthy pet owners (especially those who own dogs) have begun to search for more and more lavish ways to cosset their pooches not just giving them dog’s Vitamins and select which is good to eat enough. It was in such an environment that a new genre of a pet store, dog boutiques, was born.

Dog boutiques, within the pet care industry, can be described as any store catering specifically to opulent or expensive dog merchandise and services. Most offer a wide array of typical dog products, jazzed up to suit a choosier consumer base: organic or hand-baked dog treats, designer collars, and clothing (including tuxedos, ballroom gowns, and evening wear), jewelry and beds. Some boutiques might also feature specialty grooming, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, or dog boarding services, all at a premium price.

While most dog boutique center in a community may be expensive, a select few offer services in the range of only the most exclusive clientele. Pendants and tags, crafted from diamond and white gold, can run into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. Other in-house amenities can also command high prices: an hour-long massage at New York City dog boutique Ritzy Canine Carriage House costs $60, while a night in the Presidential Suite at the same establishment will run an owner $175. Some boutiques, such as Far Fetched Acres of New York, will even pick lucky pooches up and transport them to a country ranch for the duration of their boarding time.

Considering the high prices charged by many such businesses, and the money spent annually on products have often been argued to be extraneous, the rising popularity of dog boutiques has come under criticism by some who claim such stores to be unnecessary and excessive luxuries. In contrast, proponents claim that dogs are no less deserving of pampering as humans are and that owners have every right to indulge their pets if they are financially capable, with dog boutiques providing a primary means. Regardless of the opposing arguments, however, there is no trend in the pet industry that suggests that owners are growing any less willing to treat their dogs to exclusive goods and services, indicating that dog boutiques, at least for the time being, are here to stay.

Dog boutique center in a community, the help of expensive dog collars and leashes owners can give a distinct look to their loving dogs. Nowadays, some exclusive boutiques present a great collection of expensive dog collars studded with diamond or other precious stones providing a royal look to doggies wearing them. People also have the option to buy leather collars and leashes made of exclusive leather (crocodile leather, snake leather or ostrich leather).

In summary, online dog boutiques provide a comprehensive solution to all essential, luxury and fashion needs of doggies. By offering various designer dog fashion stuff at one place they are making life easier for dog owners.