Why Travel Is Good For You

Traveling is good for you. You might be thinking, “What? I’m not a tourist!” But traveling doesn’t have to mean going somewhere new or far away. It can simply mean taking a break from your daily routine and getting out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s by plane, train, automobile or boat; whether you’re exploring the world or just visiting next door; whether you go alone or with friends and family – travel has been shown to improve moods and make people happier in their lives overall.

So what are some ways that travel makes us happy? For one thing, it gives us an opportunity to experience new things we’ve never seen before – which can help us feel more open-minded about life in general. We also get the chance to meet different kinds of people who come from different backgrounds than our own – which helps us see that there’s more than one way to do something (or think about something). And finally, when we visit other places around the world where people live very differently from how we do at home…it reminds us how lucky we are to have all the comforts and conveniences that modern life offers! That last point is especially important because sometimes it’s easy for those comforts and conveniences to become so much a part of our everyday lives that they start feeling like necessities instead of luxuries.