Why You Should Bring a Tactical Flashlight to an Island Camping?

Island camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities being sought out today. Unlike outdoor activities like sports, island camping is more adventurous and offers a lot of possibilities. Activities include day or overnight trips, picnics, and obstacle courses. Enthusiasts claim that island camping helps reduce stress, improves one’s mood, creates an inspirational atmosphere, and promotes healthy eating.

Newbies tend to over accessorize when island camping. But the best gadget a camper needs to invest in is a flashlight. Not just a regular flashlight, but a tactical flashlight.

What is a tactical flashlight?
A tactical flashlight is a kind of flashlight designed for tactical, i.e military or police use. This flashlight can be handheld or mounted to a weapon. Compared to regular flashlights, a tactical flashlight have advanced features which makes it a great necessity. Tactical flashlights offer defense tools necessary for civilians and island campers alike.

Why choose a tactical flashlight while camping?

Here a list of what you need to consider why you should choose a tactical flashlight over a regular flashlight.

Most tactical flashlights are waterproof. By waterproof, meaning it can withstand being submerged in water and other wet conditions like rain.

Adjustable beam type
Because of the LED technology, tactical flashlights are now brighter, energy efficient, and impact resistant compared to regular flashlights. The LED lenses in tactical flashlights can be adjustable to different beams like fixed, focused, or both. One of the best tactical flashlights we have in the market are Miltac LED flashlights, some of which have a high lifespan of over 100,000 hours and emit about 2500 lumens.

Battery type
Aside from the usual disposable batteries, rechargeable and reusable batteries are now available in the market. Rechargeable batteries use AC or DC outlets, solar panels, or USB connection from a computer to recharge. The cost is higher than disposable batteries but the efficiency of these are totally worth it. Renewable tactical flashlights, on the other hand, are almost similar to rechargeable batteries except that they are built-in.

Materials and shape
One of the reasons why regular flashlights are cheaper is because of the material. Most regular flashlights are made of cheap plastic materials. On the other hand, tactical flashlights are made of aluminum alloy or strong plastic. You can also find tactical flashlights which have stainless steel heads for impact resistance.

Weight and size
In terms of weight, tactical flashlights can weigh up to 4 ounces. Sizes vary, but the smallest can be placed inside your pocket.

For self-defense
Let’s admit it, island camping solves your drive to be adventurous, but if you are in uncharted territories, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Tactical flashlights act like security blankets. Some have sharp and jagged bezels which can be very dangerous when struck to your opponents’ throat or face.